Past Webinars

Making Virus Inactivation a Reality for Continuous Upscaled Processes

Presented by Mark Schofield, Ph.D., Principal R&D Engineer, Pall Life Sciences - Westborough, MA, USA
30th November 2017

Towards Real Time Release testing: Dissolution prediction of tablets made using Continuous Direct Compression

Presented by Pallavi Pawar of GlaxoSmithKline
21st November 2017

Can the New generation of perfusion technology compete or replace the conventional and widely preferred fed-batch technology?

Presented by Ankur Bhatnagar, Chief Scientific Manager of Biocon R&D
15th November 2017

Single-Use & Stainless Steel BioReactors: Quality Factors for Consideration When Selecting a Suitable System

Presented by Dr Trevor Deeks, Principal and Consultant of Deeks Pharmaceutical Consulting Services, LLC
08th November 2017

Characterisation of Host-Cell Proteins using Mass Spectrometry Enables Effective Purification Optimisation

Presented by Dr Li Zang of Biogen
31st October 2017

The Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Flexibility and Sustainability through Small- Footprint, Modular Equipment Trains

Presented by Daniel O. Blackwood & Jeffrey Moriarty of Pfizer, Inc.
10th October 2017

Advances in Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis and Bioanalysis of Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Presented by Arnaud Delobel, PhD, R&D Director at Quality Assistance sa
12th September 2017

New Paradigm of Building Quality during Manufacture – Challenges with Biological Products

Presented by Dr Rajesh K. Gupta, Biologics Quality & Regulatory Consultants, LLC
23rd August 2017

Modernizing Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: from Batch to Continuous Production

Presented by Robert Dream, PE, CPIP, of HDR Company, LLC
19th July 2017

Alignment to Standardized Extractables Testing, Facilitating Single-Use Adoption

Presented by Presenter: James Hathcock, Ph.D., Moderator: Hélène Pora, Ph.D.
29th June 2017