Past Webinars

Process analytical Technology for Upstream Bioprocessing

Presented by Dr Erica Fratz-Berilla & Dr Stuart Tindal
05th March 2018

Sterile Products Manufacturing – prepared for the future?

Presented by Gert Moelgaard
15th February 2018

Efficient execution of biologics manufacturing – The role of Finite Scheduling systems as part of sound business process from planning to floor operations.

Presented by Gloria Gadea-Lopez, Ph.D., John Maguire and Megan Rabideau
14th February 2018

Disposables – Suitability and Process Economy In Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing – A Reality Check

Presented by Joachim Walter
08th February 2018

Do Extractable Protocols Truly Help- An End User Perspective

Presented by Ekta Mahajan
05th February 2018

Enabling comprehensive data analytics and process monitoring in Biomanufacturing – Key success factors, methodologies and practical insights that lead to a successful implementation

Presented by Robert Dimitri, Hugo Guerra and Gloria Gadea-Lopez, Ph. D
17th January 2018

Current and future applications of Near-infrared in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry

Presented by Dr Erik Skibsted
10th January 2018

Making Virus Inactivation a Reality for Continuous Upscaled Processes

Presented by Mark Schofield, Ph.D., Principal R&D Engineer, Pall Life Sciences - Westborough, MA, USA
30th November 2017

Towards Real Time Release testing: Dissolution prediction of tablets made using Continuous Direct Compression

Presented by Pallavi Pawar of GlaxoSmithKline
21st November 2017

Can the New generation of perfusion technology compete or replace the conventional and widely preferred fed-batch technology?

Presented by Ankur Bhatnagar, Chief Scientific Manager of Biocon R&D
15th November 2017