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Advances and Challenges in Vaccine Development and Manufacture

Tony D’Amore, Vice-President, Global Product Research & Development Sanofi Pasteur

A Holistic Phase Appropriate Strategy for HCP-Limits and HCP Characterization

Dr. Markus Haindl, Director Development Analytics Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Germany

Harmonization of Viral Segregation Strategy for a Manufacturing Network with Multiple Faci...

Bonnie K. Shum, Engineer II (Global Biologics MSAT) Genentech Inc., A member of the Roche...

Use of Non-Contact Raman Spectroscopy to Derive Reaction Kinetics

Richard Hart, Associate Principal Scientist Ian Ashworth, Associate Principal Scientist A...

Development and Implementation of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Systems in the Bioph...

Sameer Talwar1, Benoit Igne2, Juan Aon3, Dave Stevenson3, Janice Fernandez3, Diana Ritz3, ...

Is automation the disruption pharma R&D needs?

Barbara Paldus, PhD, Vice President and General Manager, Finesse, a part of Thermo Fisher ...

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Facilities For Personalised Medicine In The Most Personal Form – Today And Tomorrow

Henriette Schubert, Global Technology Partner at NNE A/S

Sterile Products Manufacturing- Prepared For The Future?

Gert Moelgaard, Novo Nordisk

Single-Use & Stainless Steel Bioreactors : Quality Factors For Consideration When Selecting A Suitable System

Trevor Deeks, Ph.D., Principal and Consultant Deeks Pharmaceutical Consulting Services


Marc Bisschops, PhD; Lynne Frick; and Peter Levison, PhD

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USFDA completes inspection of J B Chemicals’ Panoli facility with two observations

Glenmark Pharma launches generic version of asthma drug in Denmark

Strides & Apotex agree to merge their Australian businesses

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Extractable Study Design and Data Evaluation of Polymeric Product Contact Materials

Presented by Dr. Ping Wang, Principal Scientist, Janssen R&D and Dr Nixdorf, SGS Group
05th June 2018

Material Understanding for Continuous Manufacturing of Solid Dosage Forms

Presented by Dr Yifan Wang, Regulatory Research Scientist, FDA CDER
23rd August 2018

Advances and Challenges in Vaccine Development and Manufacture

Presented by Tony D'Amore, Vice Preseident, Product Research & Development, Sanofi Pasteur
02nd November 2018

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Past Webinars

Single-Use Chromatography – a Feasible Unit Operation?

Presented by Dr. Joachim Walter & Dr. Günter Jagschies
02nd July 2015

Modernizing Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: from Batch to Continuous Production

Presented by Robert Dream, PE, CPIP, of HDR Company, LLC
19th July 2017

New Paradigm of Building Quality during Manufacture – Challenges with Biological Products

Presented by Dr Rajesh K. Gupta, Biologics Quality & Regulatory Consultants, LLC
23rd August 2017

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