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Continuous Processing Optimization with Smarter Tools

Barbara Paldus, PhD., Vice President and General Manager Finesse, a part of Thermo Fisher...

Enabling Comprehensive Data Analytics and Process Monitoring in Bio-manufacturing Key Succ...

Robert Dimitri, M.S., MBA, Associate Director in Production and Business Systems Gloria G...

From Purification to Vaccine Development: A Challenging Yet Rewarding Journey

Yan-ping Yang, Head of Bioprocess Research & Development Sanofi Pasteur

New Paradigm of Building Quality during Manufacture – Challenges with Biological Product...

Rajesh K. Gupta, Ph.D., Principal Consultant Biologics Quality & Regulatory Consultan...

Current and Future Applications of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Pharmaceutical and Biopha...

Erik Skibsted, Principal Scientist Novo Nordisk

Keys to Successful Implementation of Single-Use Technology

How and why collaboration improves single-use products Willem Kools, PhD., Head of Technol...

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Continuous Bioprocessing: PAT Strategies in Support of Process Monitoring and Control to Enable Rapid Product Release

By: Jeffrey DoyleManager, PAT Projects in the Process Analytical Sciences Group
Paul JeffersManager, PAT Projects in Process Analytical Sciences Group, Global Technology Services
Seamus O’NeillAnalytical Chemist

Continuous processing optimization with smarter tools

Barbara Paldus, Ph.D.
Vice President & General Manager Finesse, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific

Merck Podcast – Biopharm Intl M Lab Single Use

Modernizing Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: From Batch to Continuous Production

Robert Dream, Managing Director, HDR Company LLC

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