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Evolution of Continuous Process in Upstream and its Competition with Fed Batch Platform

Ankur Bhatnagar, Chief Scientific Manager, Cell Culture Lab* Dinesh Baskar, Senior Scien...

Sterile Products Manufacturing- prepared for the future?

Gert Moelgaard, Senior Consultant Moelgaard Consulting,

Process Analytical Technology for Upstream Bioprocessing

Erica J. Fratz-Berilla, Staff Fellow FDA/CDER/OPQ/OBP/DBRRII Cyrus D. Agarabi, Regulator...

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What is holding Industry back from Implementing Continuous Processing: Can Asia Adopt More Quickly?

By: Morten Munk, Senior Technology Partner
Global Business Development, NNE Pharmaplan, Gentofte, Denmark
Eric Langer, Managing Partner
BioPlan Associates, Inc. Rockville, MD USA

Process Analytical Technology for Upstream Bioprocessing

Erica J. Fratz-Berilla
Staff Fellow

Cyrus D. Agarabi
Regulatory Research Officer and Principal Investigator

Is Automation the Disruption Pharma R&D Needs?

Barbara Paldus, PhD | CEO and co-founder, Finesse Solutions, Inc., Santa Clara, CA

Single Use Systems in Biologics Manufacturing and their Impact on Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

By: Gloria Gadea-Lopez, Ph.D.
Director of Business Operations Management
John Maguire
Associate Director of Manufacturing Systems

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Eisai to Launch Onji-no-Megumi

Daiichi Sankyo Announces Support from the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development’s CiCLE Program for Its Genetic Vaccine Platform, and Commencement of an Industry- Government-Academia Research & Development Collaboration for Development Vaccines Using the Platform

Eisai to acquire marketing authorisation for anti-rheumatic agent KOLBET® Tablets 25mg

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Upcoming Webinars

Characterisation of Host-Cell Proteins using Mass Spectrometry Enables Effective Purification Optimisation

Presented by Dr Li Zang of Biogen
31st October 2017

Enabling comprehensive data analytics and process monitoring in Biomanufacturing – Key success factors, methodologies and practical insights that lead to a successful implementation

Presented by Robert Dimitri, Hugo Guerra and Gloria Gadea-Lopez, Ph. D
17th January 2018

Implementation Strategies and Challenges for Single-Use Technologies at Commercial Scale

Presented by Adam Goldstein, Roche/Genentech
17th May 2018

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Past Webinars

A Versatile Solution for Host Cell Proteins (HCPs) and Aggregates Removal for mAbs Purification

Presented by Catherine Allioux & Gareth Leach, Ph.D
08th June 2017

Addressing Material Properties in the Design of a Direct Compression Continuous Manufacturing System

Presented by Professor Fernando Muzzio
16th January 2014

Continuous Bioprocessing: PAT Strategies in Support of Process Monitoring and Control to Enable Rapid Product Release

Presented by Jeff Doyle & Dr Paul Jeffers, Pfizer. Followed by Jonas Elfving, MKS
07th February 2017

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