On Demand Webinars

High-Resolution Characterization of Structure, Interaction, and Miscibility of Drug Products

Presented by Eric Munson, PhD, Professor and Head at Purdue University
11th February 2020

Identification of Approaches to Simulated Leachable Studies: What are They? When to do Them?

Presented by Jason Creasey, Managing Director at Maven E&L Ltd and Karen Pieters, Ir. Team Leader Extractables and Leachables at Nelson Labs Europe
03rd February 2020

Identification of unknown extractables and leachables using mass spectrometry: Identification with confidence?

Presented by Petra Booij, Investigator at GlaxoSmithKline and Dr Kyle D’Silva, Pharma & BioPharma Marketing Leader, Thermo Fisher Scientific
30th January 2020

Qualification of Raw Materials and Cell Substrates for Biomanufacturing

Presented by Maura C. Kibbey, Ph.D., Director, Science & Standards, Global Biologics, U.S. Pharmacopeia and Martin Wisher, PhD, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at Merck
16th January 2020

Monitoring Impurities in Biologics

Presented by Diane McCarthy, PhD, Senior Scientific Liaison, Global Biologics, US Pharmacopeia 
26th November 2019

Biopharmaceutical process development – Trends/ Challenges/Opportunities

Presented by Kumar Gaurav, AGM (Regulatory Affairs) at Panacea Biotec Ltd and Sudhakar Nagaraj, Principal Scientist, SLS – Global Regulatory and  Validation Consulting group at Pall Biotech
20th November 2019

Biopharmaceutical Process Model Evolution – Enabling Process Knowledge Continuum from an Advanced Process Control Perspective

Presented by Saly Romero-Torres, PhD, Senior Manager, Advanced Data Analytics, Biogen and David Lovett, Managing Director & John Mack, Engineering Director at Perceptive Engineering
15th November 2019

Just in Time Release of CAR T Cell Therapies

Presented by Irving Ford, Head of CAR T QC Laboratories at Celgene and Lori Daane, Pharma Microbiology Scientific Director at bioMérieux
11th November 2019

Engineering First Principles: Applications to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Presented by Bernard McGarvey, PhD Chemical Engineering
05th November 2019

Upstream Viral Risk Mitigation Strategy for High Titer Biologics Manufacturing

Presented by Aaron Mack, Engineer at Biogen and Dave Kolwyck, Director Materials Science at Biogen and David Gemmell Senior Process Engineer at Merck
17th October 2019