On Demand Webinars

Using In-Vitro Dissolution to Support Post Approval Changes Global Regulatory Expectations

Presented by Xin Bu, Principal Scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb
05th February 2019

Raw Material Lot Variability Challenges During Manufacturing of Biosimilars mab

Presented by Sekhar Reddy, DSP Lead for Biosimilars at Biocon MSAT
25th January 2019

Extractables from Single-Use Bioreactors/Bags and Impact on Cell Culture Performance

Presented by Yasser Nashed-Samuel, Principal Scientist at Amgen and Donald Young, Sr. Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific
22nd January 2019

Single Use Manufacturing within the Bristol-Myers Squibb Manufacturing Network – Preparing for Commercial Production

Presented by Lance Marquardt, Associate Director - Upstream Processing for Hopewell Clinical Manufacturing at Bristol-Myers Squibb and  Sara Bell, Senior Marketing Manager for Merck’s single-use product portfolio
17th January 2019

Overcoming Downstream Bottlenecks In The Upscaling Process

Presented by Dr. Dakshesh Mehta, Associate Vice President and Head of Bioprocess Group at Biotech & Genomics division, Wockhardt Research Center
17th January 2019

Challenges Faced by the End Users During the Qualification of Single Use System

Presented by Ben Jeyaretnam (Ph. D., MBA), E&L Analytics Lead of Sanofi at Swiftwater and Dr Andreas Nixdorf, Team Manager / Business Development Manager R&D at SGS Group
14th January 2019

Reducing Microbiological Risk and Using Quality Tools in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Presented by Don Singer Manager, Steriles Microbiology, for GlaxoSmithKline R&D and Jessica Rayser, Product Manager at Charles River
09th January 2019

Evolve Manufacturing Processes by Implementing Disruptive Technologies

Presented by Presented Yuyi Shen, Associate Director and Head of Development & Manufacturing at Bolt Biotherapeutics and John Cyganowski, Director of Manufacturing Sciences and Technologies Downstream Americas for MilliporeSigma
19th November 2018

Mixed mode Chromatography in Purifying biologics – Overview

Presented by Vivek Halan, Senior Scientific manager at Zumutor Biologics Pvt Ltd
15th November 2018

Case Study: An End-to-End Solution for Large Scale Adenovirus Manufacturing

Presented by  Clive Glover, PhD, Senior Marketing Manager, Cell & Gene Therapy at Pall and Rachel Legmann, PhD, Senior Manager, Process Development Services at Pall
13th November 2018