On Demand Webinars

Pharmaceutical Forensics for Safe Manufacturing and Supply

Presented by Ravi Kalyanaraman, Director at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Jeremy Peters, Scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb and Dr. Robert Heintz, Senior Applications Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific
14th June 2019

HME lipidic Pellets for Paediatric Application. An Investigation of the Effect and Stability on Drug Dissolutions

Presented by Dennis Douroumis, Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology and Process Engineering at University of Greenwich
11th June 2019

Innovative solutions from Industry 4.0

Presented by Michael May, PhD, President and CEO, CCRM at Centre For Commercialization Of Regenerative Medicine and Philip G. Vanek, PhD, General Manager, Cell and Gene Therapy Strategy at GE
10th June 2019

New Drug Product Development Using Continuous Manufacturing

Presented by Giustino Di Pretoro, Associate Director Drug Product Development an Johnson and Johnson And Dr. Robin Meier, Manager Scientific Operations at L.B. Bohle Maschinen
28th May 2019

Viral Safety by Design for Cell and Gene Therapy Products

Presented by Mark Plavsic, Chief Technology Officer at Lysogene and Archie Lovatt, Life Sciences Biosafety Scientific Director at SGS
24th May 2019

Regulatory Strategies and Case Studies for Rapid Sterility Testing of Gene and Cell Therapy Products

Presented by Dr. Michael J. Miller, President of Microbiology Consultants, LLC and Lori Daane Pharma Microbiology Scientific Director at bioMérieux
23rd May 2019

Characterization of Subvisible Particles in Protein and Viral Vaccines

Presented by Marina Kirkitadze,Head of Process Support & PAT Platform, Analytical Sciences at Sanofi Pasteur and Bonnie Edwards, Product Manager of Imaging and MFI at ProteinSimple
21st May 2019

Do Extractable Protocols Truly Help – An End User Perspective

Presented by Ekta Mahajan, Genentech/Roche and Dr. Saskia Haehn, Laboratory Manager for Extractables & Leachables at Central Analytics of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt Germany
08th May 2019

Pharmaceutical Hot Melt Extrusion A Cost Effective Method to Increase Solubility

Presented by Dennis Douroumis, Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology and Process Engineering at University of Greenwich and Dr.-Ing Margarethe Richter, Pharma Application Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific
07th May 2019

PDA Technical Report on Low Endotoxin Recovery: Implications to the Industry

Presented by Dr Friedrich von Wintzingerode, Senior Manager, Global Analytical Science & Technology (gASAT) Microbiology, Global QC bei Roche
03rd May 2019