September/October 2018

Biopharma Asia

September/October 2018 | Volume 7 Issue 5

Challenges Faced by End Users During The Qualification of SUS

Ben Jeyaretnam, E&L Analytics Lead Sanofi, Swiftwater, PA, USA.

Host Cell Protein Characterisation and Mass Spectrometry Strategies

Chia-Yi Lillian Liu, Research Scientist (Proteomics) Hwee Tong Tan, Associate Staff Scie...

Overcoming Downstream Bottlenecks in the Upscaling Process

Dr. Dakshesh Mehta, Associate Vice President and Head of Bioprocess Group at Biotech &...

Extractables from Single-Use Systems (Bioreactors) and Impact on Cell Culture Performance

Yanxin Luo, PhD, Scientist Mike Ronk, Principal Scientist Jian Liu, PhD, Senior Scienti...

Fully Integrated Continuous Bioprocessing: Promises it holds and Challenges it poses

Samir Varma General Manager and Head of Manufacturing Enzene Biosciences, Pune, India

Scale-Up of Multi-Column Chromatography Using the Cadence™ BioSMB Process System

Pall Biotech