November/December 2017

Biopharma Asia

November/December 2017 | Volume 6 Issue 6

Defining Process Design Space for a Multimodal Chromatography Purification Process

Jie Chen, Senior Scientist Bristol-Myers Squibb Na Zhang, Ronald Maurer, Xuankuo Xu, Sanc...

Maintaining Quality Oversight of Contract Manufacturing Organizations Through Mergers and ...

Stanley J. Russell, Head of Quality Management Systems and Programs Shire

Quality-by-Design in Spray Drying Processes – Transfer from Lab to Production

Dr. Sune Klint Andersen, Principal Scientist in Spray Drying and Enabling Technologies Ja...

Reliable Cell Product Characterization by Flow Cytometry

Ruud Hulspas, Ph.D., Founder Cellular Technologies Bioconsulting, LLC

NanoDSF – A Lean Technology to Test Thermal Stability of Vaccines

Marina Kirkitadze, Head of Biophysics and Conformation Unit at Biochemistry Platform, Ana...

Best Practices For Successful Filter Integrity Testing Using Water Intrusion Test (WIT) Me...

Monica Cardona and Ian Johnson Pall Life Sciences

Novel Synthetic Adsorptive Depth Filter Media for CHO Harvest Clarification

John Amara, Ph.D. and Michael Dullen Merck, 80 Ashby Road, Bedford, MA, 01730, USA