January/February 2013

Biopharma Asia

January/February 2013 | Volume 2 Issue 1

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) in the pharmaceutical industry

By: Larry Miller, Principal Scientist Amgen

Bringing together efficacy and safety testing in cancer drug development

By: Paul S. Jones, Preclinical Sciences Manager Cancer Research UK

The impact of solubility during pharmaceutical research and development

By: Christoph Saal, Head Of Analytical And Physico-chemical Characterisation Merck KGaA

Single-use technologies and facility layout – a paradigm shift

By: Alain Pralong, Vice President for New Product Introduction and Technical Life Cycle M...

Controlling variability to increase accuracy in the BET Assay

By: Karen Zink McCullough, Principal Consultant MMI Associates

How a risk based approach to continuous processing will change the face of the pharmaceuti...

By: Rob Bowen, Process Architect and Director Facilities Integration

Mycoplasma detection by NAT: an overview on Validation and Health Authorities requirements...

By: Emiliano Toso, Head of the Molecular Biology; Fabio La Neve, Associate Scientist; F...

Screening and detecting counterfeit biologics drugs

By: Ravi Kalyanaraman, Principal Scientist, Bristol-Myers Squibb; Mitesh Chauhan, Rese...