An Interview with Dr Günter Jagschies, of GE BioProcess teams on What are the main opportunities and challenges in the rapidly evolving Asian biopharma markets?

18th June 2018 | 11 am UK Time | An Interview with Dr. Günter Jagschies, business advisor for the GE BioProcess teams |WATCH FOR FREE

Demand for better, more precise, and effective medicines is driven by a changing global population and increased economic power in growth economies. Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa are almost exclusively driving the global population growth. Also, the ageing populations are growing there, resulting in an increased demand on the healthcare systems. But simultaneously, there are also more and more Asian patients who can afford treatment with biologics, which is aided by generally lower price levels and improved economic situations in the region.

Currently, the Asian biopharma industry is mainly concentrated in China, India, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, but the development of these markets is going to be heterogenous as they have, for example, different starting points, local policies and biopharma know-how. However, these countries are likely to face a market fragmentation challenge, because a large number of Asian companies are all focusing on the development of biosimilars for only a very few (5-10) original drugs, while at the same time many multinational companies are also entering the region. This requires more product development and manufacturing innovation from the local players to develop a differentiated position in their markets and to move to original drugs, although access to affordable biosimilars is also critical.

An Interview with Dr. Günter Jagschies, business advisor for the GE BioProcess teams

Dr. Günter Jagschies has been with GE Healthcare Life Sciences for 33 years and has held senior management positions in Business functions and R&D with the BioProcess division of the company. In his current role he is working globally with industrial R&D collaborations and as a business advisor for the GE BioProcess teams. Externally, Günter has as an ambassador role for GE BioProcess and is a frequent speaker in conferences and author in publications directed at the biopharmaceutical industry. He is a co-author of Process Chromatography, and co-editor of Development of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Products, a review and analysis of the Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) activities. His latest book is Biopharmaceutical Processing a comprehensive textbook on development, design, and implementation of manufacturing processes, published early 2018. In 2012, Günter received the “Thought Leader of the Decade” award in the field of downstream processing from Bioprocessing International. He co-chaired the 2016 Recovery of Biological Products XVII conference, a key global event in downstream science and technology. Günter is based near Freiburg, Germany.

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