Manufacturing strategies for Biosimilars: A case of continuous capture

15th June 2018 | 9:30AM GMT, 2PM IST | Solomon Alva, Antibody Purification Group Lead, Senior Scientific Manager, Biocon Research Limited |WATCH FOR FREE

Continuous manufacturing is an emerging technology in biopharmaceutical industry. The focus of this webinar is a case-study on the benefits of continuous Protein A capture on productivity, capacity utilization and buffer consumption. The potential challenges of adopting the technology such as its integration with cell culture and low pH incubation step has been discussed. There is promise of this technology as an effective platform, and potential of additional savings when considering new generation Protein A resins and in-line concentration technologies.

Presented by Solomon Alva, Antibody Purification Group Lead, Senior Scientific Manager, Biocon Research Limited

Solomon Alva is a Senior Manager at Biocon leading the Antibody Purification Laboratory. He has over 12 years of experience in Biologics development. His area of expertise is bioseparation technologies and life-cycle management of product development from early stages to commercial manufacturing. He has been instrumental in developing the purification platform approach and processes for biosimilar mAbs at Biocon.

Solomon has a proven expertise in alliance management, leading multiple cross-functional initiatives with co-development partners and steering academic-industry collaboration projects for Biocon. He leads a group of 25+ team members with PhDs and post-graduate degrees in engineering and science focused on development and scale-up of purification processes for Novel and Biosimilar biologics. Solomon has completed an Executive General Management from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore, and is an Masters in Science (MSc.) from Bangalore University.


Sponsored by Novasep

Novasep is a global provider of cost-effective and sustainable Manufacturing and Process Solutions including equipment for Life Science and other chemicals markets.

Novasep’s unique offering includes equipment, process development and contract manufacturing services for various or complex active molecules, to serve pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, fine chemical, food & functional ingredients as well as fermentation and chemical commodities industries.

Novasep Manufacturing Solutions include CDMO services of contract biomanufacturing with a track record for BSL3 pathogens, viruses and viral vectors for gene therapy and vaccination, and experience in manufacturing monoclonal antibodies including conjugation, mAb fragments and other rec-proteins from fermentation and cell culture.

Novasep Process Solutions provides turnkey processes for process development, as well as preparative industrial purification equipments in LPLC, HPLC and continuous chromatography.

Novasep was a pioneer in the field of continuous preparative chromatography for pharma applications, with dozens of large scale multi-column systems installed in the world since the 90’s, and numerous processes developed and validated for cGMP production in FDA inspected production sites.

A full line of highly flexible Multi-Column Chromatography (MCC) equipments was developed by Novasep for the capture and polishing of biomolecules under several modes : Sequential-MCC, Batch-MCC, Isocratic-MCC or Multi-Steps-MCC. These modes are saving process time and costs (CAPEX & OPEX), dramatically increasing productivity and efficiency.

Presented by Yvan Ruland, PhD, Technology Director, Asia/Pacific operations, Novasep Asia

Yvan heads the technical operations of Novasep Process Solutions in Asia/Pacific Area. He provides expertise in purification technologies and drives the Process Development Projects for Asian customers in Biopharma and Pharma industries.

He has over 15 years of international experience in Europe, US and Asia, in developing chromatography batch and continuous processes for Downstream Purification of Biologicals and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

Besides being a graduate from University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, Yvan has a PhD in organic chemistry applied to biomolecules.

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