Key components of a comprehensive program for the management of single use technologies in biologics manufacturing

19th April 2018 | 10AM EST | Mark Maselli |ATTEND FREE WEBINAR

As a result of the increased adoption of single-use technologies (SUTs) in biotech manufacturing, companies need to develop and implement programmatic approaches for the management of these systems under regulatory compliance. This webinar discusses the key aspects of such programs, with emphasis on collaboration with suppliers, cost management, as well as practical insights about the use of SUTs.

Presented by Mark Maselli, Shire

Mark Maselli is the Program Owner, responsible for the Single-Use System Lifecycle and is a Senior Engineer in the Business Operations Management group at Shire’s Lexington, MA site.  He has expertise in the design, development, and maintenance of single-use technologies, as an end-user in the biotechnology industry for over 5 years. Previously, he worked as a process engineer, specializing in single-use technologies, manufacturing operations, and polymer extrusion. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering Management. His experience, single-use knowledge, and education, gives him a personal working knowledge of the application of single-use technologies in the biotechnology industry.