Innovation in Biomanufacturing Plants

10th November 2020 | 08:00 AM GMT/ 16:00 PM CST | Hang Zhou, Ph.D., Vice President, Head of Cell Culture Process Development Biologics and Bioprocess Dept. at WuXi Biologics and Earl Pineda, Senior Manager, Field Applications at Repligen, Europe |WATCH FOR FREE

Biopharmaceutical plants will look different in the future. Agility and flexibility for rapidly changing product portfolios, single-use technologies, continuous manufacturing, small batch manufacturing, personalised medicine manufacturing will not only change the face of a plant but will also require other logistics models. Hang will explain WuXi Biologics’ approach to biological facilities of the future.

Presented by Hang Zhou, Ph.D., Vice President, Head of Cell Culture Process Development Biologics and Bioprocess Dept. at WuXi Biologics

Dr. Hang Zhou studied Biotechnology and received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has more than 10 years of experience in cell culture process development, in particular continuous processing.
At WuXi Biologics Hang leads a team in continuous cell culture process development for biologics. His team successfully overcame multiple challenges accompanied with intensified perfusion culture, and developed WuXiUP, a proprietary biologics production platform with Ultra-high Productivity. With WuXiUP the cell culture has achieved productivity of 2.5g/L/day and 51g/L bioreactor volume in a 20-day process for an Fc-fusion protein. The Platform enables almost any biologics, including mAbs and fusion proteins, to be manufactured at ultra-high productivity. The intensified and continuous cell culture process can be rapidly developed or converted from traditional fed-batch process with excellent scalability and robustness. It’s also couples with continuous column chromatography, which enables a similar purification yield of traditional purification process.
Prior to joining WuXi Biologics, Dr. Zhou worked for Commercial Cell Culture Development at SANOFI GENZYME and led efforts in the next-generation perfusion platform development.

Followed by Earl Pineda, Senior Manager, Field Applications, at Repligen, Europe

Earl Pineda is based in France, and currently managing the FAS team for Europe and Asia at Repligen.  Earl has been in the biotech industry for about 20 years, and since working at Refine Technologies and now at Repligen Corporation, he has been helping hundreds of companies successfully implement the XCell® ATF technology all over Europe and Asia over the past 10 years.  He has previously worked at major biotech companies like Amgen, Novartis and Biomarin, within different research functions in process development, MSAT and tech transfer teams.  An expert in perfusion process, Earl has vast experience with cell retention technologies, including ATF, TFF, gravitational cell settlers, acoustic cell retention, centrifugation, and microcarrier-based systems.  At Biomarin, Earl helped develop several now commercial perfusion processes for Aldurazyme and Naglazyme.  At Refine and Repligen, Earl has helped develop the Single-use ATF and has also designed the user interfaces for several ATF controllers, including C24 and the new XCell Lab system.

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