In Depth Characterization with Mass Spectrometry and Orthogonal Methods of Conformers in a Trispecific HIV Antibody

18th November 2020 | 10:00 am CEST | Bruno Genet, Lab head Structural Analysis MS at Sanofi |BOOK FREE SEAT FOR THIS WEBINAR

The initial characterization of a trispecific anti-HIV antibody lead to an aberrant two-peaks size exclusion chromatography profile. In such case, a column interaction is suspected, but a possibility of actually having conformers was taken into consideration. We have used both analytical characterization, structural analysis and molecular dynamics to cross all the informations. The mass spectrometry toolbox has been largely used with native and denaturing MS, ion mobility and direct infusion to carefully study both the antibody and the antigens interactions.

Presented by Bruno Genet, Lab head Structural Analysis MS at Sanofi

Bruno Genet is currently lab head of the Mass Spectrometry lab in BioDevelopment department at Sanofi, based in Paris area. He has broad experience in Biopharmaceutical industry, including prior experience at Roussel Uclaf and Aventis. The activities covers the characterization by Mass Spectrometry from early to late phase of biotherapeutic projects, up to the industrial affairs. Before joining the development of Biologics, he spent several years in a proteomics team to support innovative projects.

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