IIoT and AI for Digitalizing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations: From Hype to Reality

17th March 2020 | 10.00 am EST | Jun Huang, Director/Team Leader, Process Monitoring, Automation & Control at Pfizer and Amos Dor, Pharma General Manager & CTO at Applied Materials Automation Product Group |WATCH FOR FREE

Driven by increased connectivity enabled by Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and more sophisticated data gathering and analytics/AI capabilities, manufacturing is ushering in a new era of production, where information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT) are converging to form so-called cyber-physical systems. IIoT and analytics are key complementary driving forces behind digitalization, enabling a securely connected plant and a streamlined flow of data and information between physical production and digital worlds, as well as prescription of data-driven actions pervasively across manufacturing and quality operations. Use case examples will be given to demonstrate how IIoT and analytics are implemented in practice to drive continual improvement in manufacturing visibility, quality and productivity.

Presented by Jun Huang, Director/Team Leader, Process Monitoring, Automation & Control at Pfizer

Dr. Jun Huang is Director/Team Leader, with the Process Monitoring, Automation and Control group, part of Pfizer Global Technology & Engineering, based in NJ. He leads a team responsible for the development and implementation of Advanced Analytics, AI/ML, Advanced Process Control (APC), IIoT and digital solutions to drive improved manufacturing visibility, productivity and quality.  He co-leads the Pfizer Global Supply’s IIoT program. Previously, he worked for GSK and PerkinElmer.

Dr. Huang holds a PhD in chemometrics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway, an MBA in Finance and Supply Chain Management from Rutgers University in the USA.

Followed by an Industry Perspective presented by Amos Dor, Pharma General Manager & CTO at Applied Materials Automation Product Group

Amos previously served as the COO of the Data Analytics Group at Umetrics (which at the time was owned by MKS Instruments and is now owned by Sartorius).  Prior to that he was Vice President of Engineering at WaferYield, a startup that was acquired by PDF Solutions in 2003, after which he served as Director of Marketing for PDF Solutions.

Prior to PDF Solutions, Amos was the Yield Management Solutions business unit manager at Applied Materials, where he was responsible for a proprietary state-of-the-art yield management and expert system for semiconductor process and diagnostic tools.

He holds 4 patents and 20 provisions for Machine Learning, Knowledge Management (DSI-DKL), Enterprise Data Mining (DKL-EDM), Spatial Signature (ASR), and Multivariate Image Processing (DSI-AIR).  He earned a B.Sc. from the University of Ben Gurion in Mathmatics & Computer Science.

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Multi-source data integration, advanced process analytics & control, real-time production scheduling, and predictive maintenance can be rapidly implemented by non-programmers on our intelligent and flexible IIoT platform to enable data-driven decisions from shop to top floor.

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