Hybrid Models: The Best of Both (Mechanistic & Empirical) Worlds to Accelerate and De-Risk Process Development

16th March 2021 | 10.00 am EST | Christian Airiau, PhD, Global Head Data Sciences, Biologics Development at Sanofi and Chris McCready, Lead Data Scientist at Sartorius Stedim Biotech |BOOK FREE SEAT FOR THIS WEBINAR

Process optimization through the use of modeling is a key objective to accelerate and de-risk process development. A critical step to improve our process development, process monitoring and process control is to understand the strength and limitations of each types of modeling approaches. Using the most relevant empirical approaches – from DoE to Multivariate Analysis – and the mechanistic understanding we have about our processes – Kinetics, thermodynamics – we are rethinking the way we conduct process development.

Presented by Christian Airiau, PhD, Global Head Data Sciences, Biologics Development at Sanofi

Christian Airiau is the Head of Data Science in Sanofi, R&D in Biologics Development, based in the Boston Area. He has over 16 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, working on Data Science, Process Modeling and Process Analytical Technologies (PAT).
His remit is to drive alignment across the global Sanofi network to develop Data Science, Process optimization and process control in Biologics Development. Introducing cutting edge Advanced Analytics concepts and leveraging established methodologies to accelerate Process development and strengthen Control Strategy definition.
Christian is also the Advanced Analytics lead in the CMC Digital Transformation program in Sanofi, across small and large molecules.
Trained as Chemist, he holds a Master and PhD in Data Science / Chemometrics from The University of Bristol in the UK.

Followed by Chris McCready, Lead Data Scientist at Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Chris McCready is Principal Research Scientist with Sartorius Corporate Research with chemical engineering degrees from University of Waterloo and McMaster University. Before joining Umetrics (aquired by Sartorius) Chris worked in Oil & Gas with Petro-Canada and in power systems with United Technologies developing and implementing advanced process control strategies, providing dynamic simulation packages and systems design. Presently Chris is Research Lead in development of next generation biopharmaceutical analytics and automation based on mechanistic modeling.

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