How can you Best Use Network Analytics and Modelling To Support Digital Engineering In Pharma Manufacturing Operations

01st February 2021 | 10:00 am CET | Presented by Gareth Alford, Lead Engineer at GSK |BOOK FREE SEAT FOR THIS WEBINAR

Using the development of continuous manufacturing modules as a platform to look at the opportunities that arise through digitalization. The modular continuous manufacturing approach has allowed the detailed development of reproducible digital assets. These have in turn allowed the development of process models, mechanistic and statistical, to sit along side the process development through to manufacturing. The discussion today will look at discussing the challenges, both technical and cultural, and the opportunities that exist both now, and down the line as we build upon the experiences. We will concentrate on the benefits associated with the continuous platform, although the approach is applicable in a wider context, albeit with different technical challenges. Some areas that we will look to explore through the discussions will include the use of the models as part of regulatory filing, the use of the platform as an open source engineering set to build adoption, and how digitalization of our process understanding changes the fabric of the facilities that we operate.


Presented by Gareth Alford, Lead Engineer at GSK

I am a Chartered Chemical Engineer and started my industrial career in 1999 for a Contract Engineering firm; designing building pharmaceutical and Oil and Gas facilities. In 2002 I joined GSK at their R&D facility in Stevenage, as Process Engineer within the Pilot Plant network.

In 2008, I became the lead engineer in primary continuous manufacturing, designing and operating Continuous Processing units in GSK Stevenage; engineering several Pilot, Lab and Manufacturing Flow Facilities.

From 2014 to 2018 I was part of a group called Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, responsible for industrializing continuous manufacturing, and the associated modularization and digitalization opportunities to support rapid deployment of the new technology platforms.

I now am part of a team within R&D responsible for Technology Development for Manufacturing Platforms in GSK, working hard to develop Smart, Small, Agile Factories and make them a reality.

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