Harnessing the Power of Data Analytics to Derive Process Intelligence for Pharma Manufacturing

05th March 2020 | 9:00am CET / 4:00pm Singapore Time | Santosh Whatkar, Senior Manager, Automation and Digital Technology at Pfizer |WATCH FOR FREE

At Pfizer Singapore, the significance of Data Analytics was realized after a period of 1 and a half years when we were able to successfully implement the pilot use cases enabling us with Digital capabilities.

It would be a sharing with the audience about the Pfizer, Singapore journey of Digital Transformation and the various learnings along the way; which enabled several attributes from teamwork, persistence, believing the vision and doing things differently.  Data Analytics significance was realized after passing through this journey and we were enlightened with the amazing capabilities existing data can have. Although our problem statements existed for several years, the change in perspective of using Digital technologies and existing data enabled us to find robust solutions.

Below case studies would elaborate more on the enhancing Pfizer’s manufacturing robustness leveraging on Digital Transformation capabilities –

Case Studies:

  • Model based real time estimation of loss of drying
  • Model based predictive ability of failure for automated valves
  • Virtual sensors for energy monitoring in the manufacturing environment

Case Study:

  • Process condition monitoring using Machine Learning

Presented by Santosh Whatkar, Senior Manager, Automation and Digital Technology at Pfizer

Santosh has been with Pfizer for 4 years, now. He has been working on various projects and assignments, always striving to leverage the philosophy of enabling smart manufacturing at different levels of systems by implementing new digital technologies. Santosh considers himself a crusader for driving Digital Technology strategies and new initiatives for manufacturing applications. He has partnered on behalf of Pfizer with PIPS and BMAC initiatives.

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