Development and Manufacturing of Recombinant Nanoparticle Vaccines

12th July 2018 | 3PM IST | Atin Tomar, President & CEO, CPL Biologicals Pvt. & Amélie Boulais, Vaccine Platform Marketing Manager, Sartorius Stedim Biotech |WATCH FOR FREE

A recombinant vaccine technology platform based on highly purified, properly-folded protein antigens in stable well-defined Nanoparticles, enabling efficient and safe manufacture of vaccines against highly pathogenic targets. Nanoparticles are intrinsically immunogenic, producing both durable neutralizing antibodies and cellular immunity. The platform can be utilized for rapid response to potential pandemics as the time from identification of relevant viral gene sequence to final GMP drug product ready for human studies has been demonstrated to take less than 4 months for multiple vaccines.

The GMP drug substance manufacturing process for the platform largely utilizes single-use technologies. Single-use-technologies and recombinant platform enables the utilization of same manufacturing facility for multiple products with rapid change-over.


Presented by Atin Tomar, President & CEO, CPL Biologicals Pvt. Ltd

Atin Tomar, President & CEO of CPL Biologicals, brings with him comprehensive experience in the Biotechnology (Vaccines and Biologics) industry, globally. Atin’s experience and expertise spans from Process Development, Technology Transfer and Manufacturing Operations to Business Development, Licensing and Commercialization. Prior to CPL Biologicals, Atin was associated with the Biotechnology industry in various roles. He was involved in the development of Biologics/Bio-therapeutics from the early stages of development to commercial manufacturing at Human Genome Sciences Inc., Amgen Inc. and Syngene International (A Biocon Company). At Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd., MSD Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories and International Vaccine Institute (IVI) Atin served in Business Development & Licensing, Program Management and Alliance (partnerships & collaborations) Management roles.


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Presented by Amélie Boulais, Vaccine Platform Marketing ManagerSartorius Stedim Biotech

Amélie Boulais started her collaboration with Sartorius in 2008 as Application Specialist for the Purification Technologies division, responsible for Southern Europe. In 2012, she became membrane chromatography and virus clearance project manager, covering Europe. She was focusing on polishing and virus clearance. She became part of the Process Development Consultant team in 2015, supporting and advising actors of the biopharma industry in their development from Upstream to final filling operations.
She joined the Bioprocess Platform team in 2016, taking over the responsibility of vaccine applications. She is analysing the trends of the vaccine industry in order to develop fully scalable platforms with the required associated process development support and related services for vaccine applications. Amélie graduated from ENSTBB (Biotechnology Engineering Institute of Bordeaux, France) and holds a Biotechnology Engineer degree.


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