Current and future applications of Near-infrared in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry

10th January 2018 | 10 AM Central European Time/ 9 AM GMT | Dr Erik Skibsted |WATCH FOR FREE

Near-infrared has a long tradition as analytical technology in pharmaceutical industry. In this article/webinar new applications,  technology and improvements in regulatory guidance will be presented which will support further growth of near-infrared in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

Presented by Dr Erik Skibsted, Novo Nordisk

Erik Skibsted has a master degree in chemistry from the Technical University of Denmark. He received his PhD degree from the University of Amsterdam specialising in near-infrared spectroscopy, multivariate data analysis and solid dosage form manufacturing in the Process Analysis & Chemometrics group under the leadership of Professor Age Smilde. He has 17 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development at Novo Nordisk.




Sponsored by Indatech

Spatially resolved Spectroscopy for real time analysis of physical and chemical attributes of pharma and biotech products

SRS is an incredible noninvasive optical technique developed in the 90’s for early diagnosis of tumor in the medical field. Even if nowadays it is saving lives it is not often used in pharma and biotech. This presentation will explain the basis of this method (SAM-Spec®) but also how to cope with pharma challenges such as analyzing API concentration and density of 300 000 tablets in less than an hour or analyzing a complete filling process of complex turbid liquid from the tank to the end user vial. SRS has been designed to save lives; so why not using it to save product margin and reach highest safety standard and understanding.

Presented by Dr. Fabien Chauchard

Dr. Fabien Chauchard started working in the aeronautical and semiconductor industry as a process engineer. After few years he started a PhD at research center IRSTEA French research center. During his work he collaborated with Lund Laser center in Sweden to develop new optical techniques to analyze solid sample and turbid liquid. At the end of the thesis he found with Dr. S Roussel , INDATECH company in order to bring new SRS/ SamSpec® technology on the PAT pharma market.




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