Advances and Challenges in Vaccine Development and Manufacture

02nd November 2018 | 10 AM EST | Tony D'Amore, Vice Preseident, Product Research & Development at Sanofi Pasteur |WATCH FOR FREE

This webinar reviews the constraints and complexities of vaccine product development and manufacture.
The evolution of bioprocess and analytics innovation and technologies to overcome these challenges are discussed.
The strategy and leveraging of innovation and technology for rapid product development and accelerating timelines is described.
Case studies to illustrate the advances in vaccine development and manufacture are illustrated.
A look into the future with state of the art technologies.

Presented by Tony D’Amore, Vice Preseident, Product Research & Development at Sanofi Pasteur

Tony holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Windsor and a MBA from Wilfred Laurier University.
He joined Sanofi Pasteur in 1994 as a Purification Scientist.
He has taken on successive leadership positions including the Vice-President of Bioprocess Research and Development North America at Sanofi Pasteur, responsible for process development and the manufacture of clinical trial material.
Since July 2015, Tony is Vice-President, Global Product Research & Development, responsible for process and analytical development, the manufacture of clinical trial material and the delivery of clinical supplies to the clinical trial sites.


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