SYLOID® XDP Silica : Optimised for Liquisolid and Lipid-based Formulations

Lipids are increasingly being used in formulations today as drug solubilizers, adsorption enhancers and vehicles for lipid based drug delivery, in order to increase the oral bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. While oily actives continue to be discovered, the main challenge in oil-based formulations is converting oily solutions and liquid formulations into compressible solid or semi-solid formulations.

Syloid® XDP silicas has been specifically designed for converting lipids, oily drugs, and drugs in oil solutions into free flowing powders. They can be effective as adsorbents in techniques such as solid dispersion, semi-solids and in lipid-based technologies such as self-emulsifying drug delivery systems (SEDDS).

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Syloid® XDP silicas meets the test requirements in global monographs. Because it is silica, it is inert and has a minimum of interactions with the API.

Syloid® XDP Silicas Oil Adsorption Capacity

The combined internal and external porosity of Syloid® XDP silicas allow a greater surface area and a higher adsorptive capacity for oils, lipids and liquids that are commonly used for solubilizing and loading APIs.



Volumetric Adsorption Comparison*


*Testing based on over 20 different oils, lipids and co-solvent surfactants. Results are available upon request.

In volume constrained systems such as capsules and tablets, carriers must be able to deliver the largest amount of liquid per volume. With the best balance of absorption capacity and density, SYLOID® XDP silica provides optimum loadability.

 Procedure for Liquisolids Using Syloid® XDP Silicaswithout Solvents


Most carriers require the use of solvents to load the lipid, followed by drying. The unique morphology of Syloid® XDP silica allows lipid systems to be directly loaded onto the material, eliminating solvent use and drying, simplifying the liquid to solid transformation.

 Comparison of Loadability in a Zero Size Capsule


Syloid® XDP Silica allows the highest loading and maximum filling amount in a standard capsule.

 Dissolution Profile for solid SEDDS

SEDDS disolutionprofile_Pg2

Liquid SEDDS can be easily transformed to a solid powder by loading onto Syloid® XDP silica. SEDDS formulation loaded on Syloid® XDP silica, can provide an equivalent API release provide as the liquid formulation.

 Release of Loaded Oils Comparison

Release of loaded oils pg2

*In vitro dissolution by USPII apparatus & analyzed by HPLC:

Column: Grace® VisionHT® HL RocketC18 Column, 53x7mm, 3μm

System: Waters® UPLC Instrument

Wavelength: 294nm

Moblie Phase: 85% ACN,10% MeOH, 5% H20

Syloid® XDP silica provides the most complete release of loaded oils.

Syloid®  XDP silica can be used as carriers for adsorbing large amounts of oils and other liquids, thus converting oils to powders with optimum density while maintaining good flow properties, maximum loading in capsules and tablets, and maximum release with and without surfactants.

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