Daiichi Sankyo to Install Call Center Support System in Japan Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

Daiichi Sankyo Company have announced that it will install a call center support system using artificial intelligence(hereafter, AI) at its Medical Information Center in Japan, which responds to inquiries from patients and health care professionals concerning Daiichi Sankyo products.

Product inquiry responses provided by Daiichi Sankyo’s Medical Information Center in Japan are highly evaluated and trusted, and the company has commenced preparations to install a call center support system using AI with a view to further raising response quality. Verification of the system, from which a full-scale operation will be configured, has already been conducted in a trial setting using product Q&A for edoxaban (Brand name: LixianaTablets). Consequently, from April 2018, the system will be utilized for responding to inquiries concerning edoxaban and all other products in Japan.

The support system interprets the intended meaning of questions, instantaneously finds highly related Q&A and suggests optimal responses to Daiichi Sankyo staff responding to inquiries. If the person responding considers that the suggested response is not the most appropriate one, they can provide feedback to raise the correct interpretation rate. Through the use of the support system in responding to inquiries concerning all products in Japan, we aim to deliver optimal and required product information to patients and healthcare professionals in a shorter time.

Daiichi Sankyo aims to continue contributing to healthcare through efforts to provide information to patients and health care professionals that ensures the proper use of its products.

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