Stronger Tubing Welds – AdvantaPure®

AdvantaFlex® biopharmaceutical tubing offers welds up to 40% stronger than C-Flex® 374 – tests prove it. Use AdvantaFlex to increase your process security and protect your investment by reducing the risk of failure at the weld.

Weld test results on gamma irradiated tubing resulted in an average maximum tensile load, lbf, of 19.66 for AdvantaFlex. For C-Flex® 374, the result was 13.99 – 40% lower. Tests for the average burst reading resulted in 99.17 psi (6.84 bar) for AdvantaFlex and 74.03 psi (5.10 bar) for C-Flex® 374.

AdvantaFlex tubing works with various tubing welders and is heat sealable and moldable. It offers fewer extractables than other tubing and does not contain silicone oils or animal derived components. AdvantaFlex is made in USA; distributors are located worldwide.

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