Single-Use Sensors – Finesse

Finesse_SingleUseSensors2 Finesse has designed an innovative range of single-use sensors specifically to optimise cell growth in single-use bioreactors. TruFluor® and TruTorr® sensors measure the four fundamental process parameters: pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and headspace pressure. Finesse single-use sensors implement a patented optical design using only USP Class VI materials to optimise performance while maximising reliability. All sensors are pre-calibrated and provide full traceability information using a gamma radiation resistant SmartChip™. The newest member of the Finesse TruFluor single-use sensor family is the SmartPuck, which uses the same technology to measure pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature. Finesse single-use sensors can be pre-inserted in disposable bioreactor bag ports and irradiated with the bag in order to both preserve and guarantee the sterile barrier. SmartPuck sensors are welded securely into Finesse single-use SmartBag or SmartVessel bioprocess containers, thus eliminating the need for connectors and their associated complications such as leakage and batch contamination. Whether a retrofit to a 3rd party controller or an integral component of a Finesse system, Finesse single-use sensors provide accurate measurements which enable the controller to create a perfect cell culture environment.

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