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Find out what your data is telling you Process environments typically generate far more data than what traditional monitoring can extract valuable information from. With SIMCA-online’s real-time multivariate data analysis not only can you learn more from your data, but also centralize your analyses of continuous and batch processes, calibration models or soft sensors - all collected in one place to ensure fast and complete analysis of the process state. Time-saving monitoring, prediction and control SIMCA-online is a powerful tool for analyzing all relevant data in real-time and displaying easy to interpret results to quickly get to the root cause of problems. Predictive analytics and soft sensor modeling provide additional capabilities. And immediate feedback simplifies not only deciding on what actions to take, but also following up their impact. Acknowledged by leaders in Pharma and Biotech Leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers choose SIMCA-online for advanced process monitoring and control. Novartis and Amgen are among those who have explored and written about the significant benefits that our real time multivariate data analysis offers within the framework of QbD and PAT Dependable, easy and fast ROI SIMCA-online is developed according to GAMP5 and is extensively tested and validated. By verifying that your process stays inside the process space, SIMCA-online ensures product quality and quickly pays for itself. For more information visit:

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