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Make Agarose Resin Cost Savings of up to 70% with Purolite Life Sciences

The Praesto range from Purolite Life Sciences offers a selection of modern, high-flow Affinity and Ion Exchange agarose resins, delivering exceptional results from Protein A to high-resolution polishing steps. The range also includes a full selection of Praesto Pure base matrices, and pre-activated resins in a variety of source chemistries.

All Praesto products provide an advanced, high-flow, highly cross-linked agarose base matrix. The entire range benefits from excellent pressure/flow characteristics and stability for optimal recovery of active proteins.

A streamlined resin manufacturing process design based on Purolite’s 35 years of expertise allows us to pass significant savings on to our customers.

Why Purolite?
For over 35 years Purolite has assisted customers in solving complex process challenges through advanced resin technologies, designed to increase efficiencies, optimize systems and reduce costs.

Our Commitment to Security of Supply
At its UK-based Centre of Excellence, Purolite is currently building the second-largest agarose chromatography resin manufacturing plant in the world. For the first time, dual-sourcing of agarose resins is a viable option, to secure and de-risk your supply.

Discover more on Praesto at: www.purolite.com/life-sciences

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