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Opus_Columns ps OPUS®: The #1 Pre-Packed Column for Disposable Facilities By enabling user specified inputs tailored to specific applications, OPUS® technology allows end-users to place a pre-packed disposable column directly into a GMP manufacturing process leading to significant time and cost savings compared to self-packed chromatography columns. User specified inputs include: • Bed heights between 5 and 40 cm • A wide range of commercially available chromatography resins • Application specific acceptance criteria NEW - 45 cm internal diameter pre-packed column launched in March of 2014 to meet the chromatography requirements of 500 – 1000 liter single use bioreactors. • Seamless scale-up from smaller ID columns • Complete documentation package available to support GMP use • Significant time and cost savings compared to conventional column technology When combined with the largest range of internal diameters available on the market, OPUS is the only pre-packed column platform which can accommodate all the chromatography needs of a disposable manufacturing facility. Eliminate column packing activities from your downstream process Visit us @www.repligen.com/OPUSFIT or call +1-781-250-0111 to specify a pre-packed disposable column for your process needs.

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