Connect fittings to bag ports, pumps, filters and all related TC style equipment with confidence!

Ferrule end connectors such as sanitary fittings have been part of the pharmaceutical industry for many years. These connectors provide a universal system of joining piping and equipment throughout manufacturing facilities worldwide. When Single-Use Technology (SUT) entered the market, it was a natural choice for suppliers to adopt this universal connection technology. But, in the early adoption phase, there were no common standards for connection designs such as dimensions and tolerances, much less testing parameters for completed systems. The result was that as drug manufactures tried to connect sanitary fittings and equipment from different suppliers there was a possibility of leaks.

The pharmaceutical industry turned to ASME BPE for a solution. To address this concern, the ASME BPE standards organization developed a comprehensive set of dimensions and tolerances, backed by industry testing and validation, that drastically reduced the risk of leaks. Based upon these established standards Nordson Medical designs and manufactures all of our sanitary fittings and bag ports to conform to the ASME BPE 2016 standard.

This commitment to industry standards in combination with our best in class 600 series barbs will help you truly connect with confidence.

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