Guard Against Disconnects with a Secure Lock

When you find yourself in the position of developing a product when there is already a strong incumbent product, this can prove to be very challenging – especially if market acceptance requires that your solution interconnect with the existing one. However, this also gives you the opportunity to study what features are designed well in the original product, and what can be improved. This was the case with Nordson MEDICAL’s RQ Series quick connect couplers.

Customers kept telling us that they wanted an alternative to the existing connector, where the latch would frequently get blocked by the position of user’s finger. We rose to the challenge and designed our innovative RQ Series, which features several design improvements over older couplers. One of the most visible enhancements is a large button that is enclosed by a shroud. This enables operators wearing wet gloves to easily open the connector. The finger grove feature also directs your finger into the proper location, allowing the latch to easily travel for opening.

Another nice feature is an easy-to-use lock with visual indicators that enables users to determine the state of the lock. And with the industry’s most popular 600 series barbs, these connectors provide the biopharmaceutical market a more robust alternative for their tubing connections.

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