M Lab™ Collaboration Centers

The M Lab™ Collaboration Centers provide an atmosphere where science and technology create the basis of collaborative conversation. These customer-facing laboratories not only create a space where customers can get away from daily demands to experiment and learn, but also a place where they will find individualized support, hands-on experiences, and inspiration. At our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers, we simulate a real manufacturing environment that enables collaboration with our global network of scientists and engineers to evaluate processes or participate in technology and knowledge training courses. Upstream to Downstream and through final fill, our non-GMP facilities are resource hubs for support in all areas of process development, optimization and implementation. This unique space allows customers to not only work side by side with our engineers and scientists to solve their toughest problems, but also a place where they can relax and collaborate while improving their biomanufacturing process. The M Lab™ Collaboration Centers have an international presence, situated in the hubs of large biotech communities, with six of our nine labs located in Asia (Mumbai, India; Bangalore India; South Korea; Japan; China; Singapore).

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