Independent control of parallel cell cultures – GE Healthcare Life Sciences

WAVE25_Dual_CBC_rocker_open lid The single-use ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25 is an easy-to-use cell culture device that can be operated in both single and dual culture modes. Whereas single mode is commonly selected for seed train applications, dual mode can be used to gain efficiency in process development. Dual functionality Dual mode allows independent control of parameters such as temperature, pH, DO, and pump speed in two separate Cellbag™ culture chambers. The parallel cultures can be run using the same or different bag sizes or working volumes. Rocking bioreactor technology ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 is based on a well-known rocking technology that provides mixing and aeration to the culture. However, with ReadyToProcess WAVE 25, the rocking technology is enhanced with features such as advanced sensors and intelligent control strategies. Designed for fast installation and convenient handling, ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 delivers a reliable and accurate performance suitable for research, process development, and manufacturing operations. ReadyToProcess WAVE 25 offers the following benefits: • Robust and reliable performance • Intelligent and accurate process control • Designed for ease of use • Flexible operations with possibility of use in single or dual culture mode •  Suitable for manufacturing in a regulated environment Learn more at

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