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CCE XIV poster Barrett 02May2014 final Maximising your bioreactor utilisation Traditionally, the amount of complete, complex feeding supplements one can add to a bioreactor has meant a trade-off between initial working volume and feeding space (dilution factor). This has been driven by raw material solubility in those formulations and the potential impact of separating feeding supplements into parts as an alternative. What if you could have feeding supplement options that would allow super-concentration to deliver 150–200 g/L of needed nutrients? What if you could have that concentration factor in pH neutral and easy-to-prepare dry format complete feeds? We answer these questions and more in a scientific poster recently presented at the May 2014 Cell Culture Engineering Conference, demonstrating how EfficientFeed™ A+, B+, C+ supplement prototypes can provide: • Ability to super-concentrate up to 150–200 g/L • Perform at 1x similarly to prior feeds, yet offer ways to get to higher titers at 2x or 3x • Comparable protein quality • Allow for maximisation of working volume and feeding space within a bioreactor • Provide superior performance to competitive alternatives www.lifetechnologies.com/EfficientFeedPlus

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