March/April 2017

Biopharma Asia

March/April 2017 | Volume 6 Issue 2

Developing Practical Single-Use Processes for New Vaccine Formulations

Kirsten A. Strahlendorf, P. Eng., M. Eng., Senior Scientist Sanofi Pasteur

Disposables – Suitability and Process Economy in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing –...

Dr. Joachim K Walter, PhD., CEO Walter Biotech Consultancy, Biberach, Germany

Environmental Monitoring Trend Analysis Tools

Steve Walton, Technical Manager in Sterility Assurance Sanofi Pasteur

Advances in Mass Spectrometry for the Characterisation and Bioanalysis of Antibody-Drug Co...

Arnaud Delobel, PhD, R&D Director Quality Assistance sa

Development of a High-Performance Integrated and Disposable Clarification Solution for Con...

Mike Collins and Peter Levison, PhD Pall Life Sciences

Amsphere A3

JSR Life Sciences