July/August 2017

Biopharma Asia

July/August 2017 | Volume 6 Issue 4

Evolution of Continuous Process in Upstream and its Competition with Fed Batch Platform

Ankur Bhatnagar, Chief Scientific Manager, Cell Culture Lab* Dinesh Baskar, Senior Scien...

Sterile Products Manufacturing- prepared for the future?

Gert Moelgaard, Senior Consultant Moelgaard Consulting, www.moelgaardconsulting.com

Process Analytical Technology for Upstream Bioprocessing

Erica J. Fratz-Berilla, Staff Fellow FDA/CDER/OPQ/OBP/DBRRII Cyrus D. Agarabi, Regulator...

Facilities for Personalised Medicine in the Most Personal Form – Today and Tomorrow writ...

Henriette Schubert, Global Technology Partner NNE A/S

Does BPOG Extractable Protocol truly help? – Case Studies from an End User Perspecti...

Ekta Mahajan, Principal Engineer Genentech/Roche

Changing Column Packing from an Art into a Science

Pall Life Sciences

Is automation the disruption pharma R&D needs?

Barbara Paldus, PhD, Vice President and General Manager, Finesse, a part of Thermo Fisher ...