January/February 2019

Biopharma Asia

January/February 2019 | Volume 8 Issue 1

Integrity Assurance for SUS: End-User Perspective

Charlotte Masy, Project Manager in Global Support Jean-Yves Bauer, Senior Engineer GSK Vac...

Biologics Production: Impact of Degrading or Modifying Impurities Resulting from Microbial...

Friedrich von Wintzingerode, PhD, Senior Manager, Global QC Microbiology Markus Haberger, ...

Assessing possibilities and preventing the risk of using disposables

Berthold Bodeker, Chief Scientist Bayer Pharma AG

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) in the pharmaceutical industry

Larry Miller, Principal Scientist Amgen

Choosing the Right Technology for the Right Problems

Pall Biotech