July/August 2016

Biopharma Asia

July/August 2016 | Volume 5 Issue 4

Developing a Best Practice Guide for Leachables Risk Assessment, Study Design, and Analyti...

By: Kathryn McGohan, Scientist I Bristol-Myers Squibb

Continuous Bioprocessing : PAT Strategies in Support of Process Monitoring and Control to...

By: Jeffrey Doyle, Manager, PAT Projects in the Process Analytical Sciences Group Paul Jef...

Operational Excellence Strategies for Bioprocessing-QBD,DoE and PAT

By: Elizabeth Rebeil, Head of Warehouse and Material Control Shire

Analytical Strategies for Comparability in Bioprocess Development

By: Christine P. Chan, Ph.D. Principal Scientist, Global Manufacturing Science & Techn...

Excipient Variability and its Implications with Respect to Drug Quality from a Regulator...

By: Steven Wolfgang1, Chemist FDA

A Tool Box of Advanced Sorbents for High Productivity Chromatography

Pall Life Sciences

Investigation into the Effect of Ageing of a Lipid Based Formulation on API Dissolution Re...

By: Ad Bernaerts; Martin Piest; Stefan de Cock Patheon

Production of Nanoemulsion Adjuvants using High Shear Fluid Processing

By: Dr. Yang Su and Steven Mesite Microfluidics

Evaluation of Empirical Thermodynamic Solubility Modeling in Formulation Vehicles

By: P. Batheja, S. Carino, S. Sukumar, G. K. Rashid, P. Chen,* and I. McGuffy Catalent