September/October 2015

Biopharma Asia

September/October 2015 | Volume 4 Issue 5

Progress Report on SUTAP

By: Alain Pralong Founder and Director of SUTAP

USP Current Perspective on Depyrogenation and Endotoxin Indicators

By: Karen Zink McCullough Principal Consultant MMI Associates

Measuring Hydrogen Peroxide Residuals and Product Exposure on Isolator and RABS Filling Li...

By: Aaron Hubbard, Engineer I Kirk Eppler, Principal Engineer Genentech, a Member of the ...

Culture of Pharmaceutical Quality: Connecting the Dots

By: Ajaz S. Hussain, Ph.D. Insight Advice and Solutions LLC. Frederick, MD 21702, USA*, an...

Product Quality Control of a HME Co-Extrudate Using a Raman Imaging Microscope

By: Dirk Leister, Katharina Paulsen, Ines Ruff, Karl C Schwan, Simon Nunn, Martin Long Th...

Long Term Compatibility of Excipients in Soft Gelatin Capsules

By: Yi Zeng, William Bell, Irena McGuffy