July/August 2014

Biopharma Asia

July/August 2014 | Volume 3 Issue 4

Disposable Downstream Processing – A Time and a Place for Everything

By: Ronald Bates, Director Bristol-Myers Squibb

Alternative and Rapid Microbiological Methods: Microbiology of the 21st Century

By: Benoit Ramond, Senior Microbiology Expert Sanofi

Facility of the Future: Effect of disposables and continuous processing on plant design an...

By: Berthold Bodeker, Chief Scientist Bayer Pharma AG

Raman Spectral Library for Counterfeit Detection

By: Yvette L. Loethen, ORISE Post-Doctoral Fellow Jason Rodriguez, Chemist FDA

Applications of SFC in Pharmaceutical Analysis

By: Gregory Webster, Senior Principal Research Scientist AbbVie Inc

Compression of film-coated pellets – key parameters for optimal tablet quality

By: Karl G. Wagner, Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology University of Bonn

Pharmaceutical Excipients: Part 2 – Excipient Composition and Performance

By: Chris Moreton, Partner FinnBrit Consulting