The Next Generation of Biopharma Talent at Novartis Turkey

By Avinash Potnis, Novartis, Managing Director, Turkey

I am always excited to explore the depth and diversity of the generations, especially how their ecosystem has shaped their thought process. In my previous articles, I deliberated on the values that bridged the Gen X and the Millennials. Here I want to discuss Millennials further, specifically looking at the demographic cohort born between 1981 […]


Gender Equality at Takeda

By Dina EL Salmy, Takeda, ICMEA Head of Portfolio Management Growth & Emerging Markets Business Unit

Starting in the pharma industry some twenty years ago in Egypt, I have been fortunate enough to gain a significant amount of experience over my career. My journey has seen me cover multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, immuno-oncology, haematology and inflammation to name but a few. I’ve also worked in various functions covering sales, marketing […]


Trust in the time of COVID-19: Why a Culture of Trust is crucial to persevere through and emerge from crisis at Takeda Asia Pacific

By Thomas Willemsen, Takeda, Area Senior Vice President Asia Pacific (APAC)

The COVID-19 pandemic has upturned the lives of communities, businesses and economies around the world. As these unprecedented times persist, business leaders have prioritized employee health and safety while also ensuring business continuity – and for those of us in healthcare – continues to meet the medical needs of the patients we serve. As I […]


International Careers at Pfizer

By Deb Mangone, Pfizer, Country Manager and Managing Director Finland

Some people know what they want to be when they grow up by the time they are 5 years old. For me, I’m still figuring that out, but that’s part of the adventure – seeing opportunities and taking chances. I set my sights on an international experience with Pfizer in 2016 when I started working […]


Inspiring Leadership at MSD – MSD’s First Female Regional President in APAC

By Dorthe Mikkelsen, MSD, President Asia Pacific

“People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo da Vinci We are all shaped by the context in which we are raised, but we are not bound by it. I was born and grew up in a small town in Denmark, about […]


My International Career at Merck Group

By Schalk Opperman, Merck Group, Managing Director & General Manager Croatia & Slovenia

I have been with Merck for about 20 years, covering several countries and spanning two continents. The main reason why I have been able to stay with Merck for so long is firstly because my personal values coincide well with the Values of Merck and the ways that Merck treats and develops its people. But […]


From Science to Global Head of D&I – My Journey at Sandoz

By Stefanie Nickel, Sandoz, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion

At a mid-point in my career I feel incredibly lucky to have had the working with many wonderful colleagues in very different jobs ranging from studying medicine and working in heart surgeon to earning an MBA and working strategic consulting to 10 years in marketing and sales and most recently to HR with a focus […]


My Key Leadership Lessons During COVID-19

By Andre Musto, Merck Group, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Cardiovascular Metabolism & Endocrinology Franchise

Earlier this year, in the midst of the pandemic, I changed roles from the Regional Vice President of APAC and took on my new role as the Senior Vice President of the global Cardiovascular Metabolism and Endocrinology franchise for Merck Healthcare KGaA. Normally, this would mean I would be travelling around the world meeting my […]


How IPSEN Has Transformed for its Employees During COVID-19

By Regis Mulot, Ipsen, Executive Vice President & Chief HR Officer

Ipsen’s raison d’être is simple: patients depend on our innovative medicines and our mission is to provide them. Working as we do in areas of high unmet medical needs, we have a real sense of urgency when it comes to fulfilling our mission. But to do so, our collaborators have to be able to perform. […]


Cultural & Organizational Transformation At MSD

By Ashish Pal, MSD, Managing Director, Singapore & Malaysia

The global pandemic is challenging leaders and their organizations to reaffirm their purpose and reimagine their operating model. In fact, in so many ways the pandemic is redefining leadership. I made a choice to step out of my comfort zone when I chose to move to the Emerging Markets after spending little over a decade […]


Why People are the Bedrock of Roche’s Transformation Journey

By Rachel Frizberg, Roche, Area Head APAC, Pharma International

Healthcare is an industry where nothing stands still. New technologies, changing patient demographics, economic shifts, and the ongoing global pandemic have all inspired healthcare companies like ours to adapt the way they work. Roche is used to embracing change, of course. With a history that spans over 120 years, we understand the importance of being […]


What it Means to be Inspired, Curious and Unbossed at Sandoz

By Emilio Rubio, Ph.D., Sandoz, Head ERC, SIR|Ethics|Risk|Compliance

When people ask me about my joining experience at Sandoz, I often describe myself as a “COVID hire”. After all, I started with Sandoz on May 1, 2020, right in the middle of the first wave of the pandemic in Europe. In all my 20+ years of working, this was a first on many levels. […]


Why Giving Growth Opportunities in Manufacturing is Important…

By Arleen Paulino, Amgen, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing

To be successful in manufacturing requires the ability to integrate across multiple disciplines of science and engineering with a capability to execute and advance innovation. Successful manufacturing is rooted in execution excellence and the ability to rapidly deploy manufacturing technologies, while leveraging them to drive operational efficiencies and ensure reliable supply. This fast-paced and dynamic […]


Eli Lilly and Company: Where Diversity and Inclusion Are a Business Imperative

By Joy Fitzgerald, Eli Lilly and Company, Vice President, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

Joy Fitzgerald, Vice President, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer pictured with Steve Fry Vice President Human Resources at Eli Lilly As the pace of change accelerates across our global pharmaceutical industry in the face of a pandemic and other business challenges, Lilly’s culture and values provide a solid foundation from which we work to fulfill […]


The Hispanic Promise: Reflecting the Face of Modern America

By Nanette Cocero, Ph.D., MBA, Pfizer Vaccines, Global President

In August, Pfizer became a signatory of The Hispanic Promise, a first-of-its-kind national pledge to hire, promote, retain, and empower Hispanic employees in the U.S. The pledge was launched in 2019 at the World Economic Forum in Davos as the result of a joint effort among several Hispanic organizations asking the business leaders and companies […]


Innovation and Learning Culture at Genentech: A Personal Perspective

By Andrew C Chan, MD PhD, Genentech, Inc, Senior Vice President - Research Biology

In biopharma, we are faced with the problem of understanding human disease well enough to intervene for patient benefit.  Due to the complexity of human biology and limitations of traditional laboratory reductionist approaches to discover new basic biologic concepts, innovative perspectives from biology, technology, drug discovery, computational, translational and clinical scientists are needed to discover […]


How to Influence People When Nobody is Looking…

By Richard Saynor, Sandoz, CEO

There was a saying in the banking sector at the time of the (last) financial crisis that “culture is what happens when nobody’s looking”. It’s a salutary reminder to anyone with a mission to drive a specific “corporate culture”: cultures, be they corporate, national (or even biologic) have a life of their own. As leaders, […]


Mercks Manufacturing Leadership Development Program

By Mansi Raythatha, Merck, Associate Director, NA & EU Program Lead - Manufacturing Leadership Development Program

The college graduation celebrations and joyful sounds of (virtual) cheers have come to a close, and you’re gearing up to start the beginning of your career at a new company – now what? The transition from academic-life to work-life is a transformational step for most individuals. For the companies receiving these new hires this transition […]


The Mission in Motion: People, Science and Passion

By Nicholas J. Amato, Moderna Therapeutics, Senior Scientist, in Vitro Biology

“To deliver on the promise of mRNA science to create a new generation of transformative medicine for patients”. This mission statement, literally written on the walls, is the common thread that sews the Moderna community together.  From the moment you walk in, you begin to experience this mission in motion.  You see presentations with bold […]


Diversity as a Key Success to Biopharma

By Ritu Shrivastav, Gilead Sciences, Senior Director HR

“We all should know that diversity makes a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.” – Maya Angelou Today, we live in a composite, interconnected world, a modern society, wherein diversity is shaped and determined by digitalization and globalization. With […]


A Pandemic Brings With It The Promise of What’s Possible.

By Bill Anderson, Roche Pharmaceuticals, CEO

For seven months now, my colleagues have been working tirelessly to fight COVID-19 and ensure we continue to deliver medicines and new advances for patients with many serious diseases. As a leader of a large global organization, I’ve had a unique view of how people can face adversity and make the most of challenging situations. […]


Diversity and Inclusion: It’s Good for Business

By Celeste Warren, Merck, Vice President Global Diversity & Inclusion COE

When we look at the pharmaceutical and biologics industry, we know that there are parts of the world where patients are becoming more empowered.  They have more access to data and technology, and they are becoming more knowledgeable, confident and inquisitive around their health decisions. But in addition to this, there are segments of the […]


My Career at TEVA – Physical Characterization

By Maša Rajic Linaric, PLIVA, Manager Physical Characterisation

Maša Rajic Linaric is an associate director at R&D TAPI Physical Characterization, researching solid-state active substances. Here, she reveals the secrets of her success, as well as a deep appreciation of the properties of chocolate. My job is to deliver affordable active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for medicines, with improved characteristics. As head of the department […]


3 Tips for Advancing Your Biotech Career

By Bill Mezzanotte, CSL Limited, Executive Vice President, Head of R&D and Chief Medical Officer

The biotechnology industry, and in particular R&D, is fundamentally about hope. Hope for patients and for the company that you work for. It is also the business of risk, change and experimentation as researchers strive to build and deliver on an exciting and broad pipeline that serves new patient communities or patient communities already being […]


Starting a Movement Through Internal Business Influence at Pfizer

By Jane Finch, Pfizer, Quality Assurance Specialist & Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Through a combination of personal circumstances, transferrable skills and fortunate timing I have been able to start a movement in Pfizer’s UK business, which has brought together colleagues from all levels and is making a significant contribution to Pfizer’s Inclusive Culture. Pfizer is one of the world’s largest research-based pharmaceuticals firms, with more than 90,000 […]


Leading with Impact Through Storytelling

By Robyn Shumer, Johnson & Johnson, Associate Director Bridges – Talent Development & Leadership Development Program

Do you ever have complicated data to share with a diverse audience?  Maybe you create detailed, colorful tables and charts that get deeply granular?  Do you ever think that maybe you’ve lost your audience when presenting important results orally or in print?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for you […]


Biotech Lights Passion for Improving People’s Lives

Penny Wan, Amgen, Regional Vice President & General Manager JAPAC

Taking on Challenges that Matter, Career in Life Sciences Opportunity to Help People Live Better Lives Penny Wan didn’t always plan on a career in pharmaceuticals or biotech. She started her studies at Monash University in Melbourne in the computer science program, because at the time it was the most cutting-edge field to go into. […]


Building Highly Effective Analytics Teams

By John K. Thompson, CSL Behring, Global Head Of Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

John K. Thompson, Author of Building Analytics Teams and Global Head of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Currently, I am the Global Head of Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence at CSL Behring, a global biopharmaceutical company.  Before CSL, I was an Executive Partner at Gartner, acting as a management consultant to market leading companies in […]


Driving Inclusiveness, A Journey or Destination? Reflecting on our Story in MSD Indonesia

By George Zaki, Associate Vice President of Oncology for Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

Ideally, the only diversity question to be answered would be about the best strategies to achieve an inclusive workplace – one where talent thrives, regardless of background.  The value of diversity itself would not be questioned.  And there would be no need to explain that diversity embraces not just gender, but religion, race, sexual orientation, […]