Benefits of Mixed-Mode Cation Exchange Chromatography: CMM HyperCel™ Sorbent Used for Monoclonal Antibody and Other Recombinant Protein Purification

This note addresses the performance of Pall’s mixed-mode cation exchange (CEX) CMM HyperCel sorbent, which can be applied to both monoclonal antibody (mAb) polishing and recombinant protein purification. The study highlights the behavior of the CMM HyperCel sorbent versus conventional cation exchange (sulfopropyl groups) and a weak cation exchange multi-modal sorbent (cross-linked agarose) in terms of dynamic binding capacity (DBC) and selectivity (aggregate removal). Results demonstrate that compared to conventional cation exchangers, CMM HyperCel sorbent has a higher DBC (>60 mg/mL at pH 5.0, 25 mS/cm) over a broader range of pH (5.0 to 8.0) and conductivity (5 to 45 mS/cm). This capability provides maximal flexibility during process development, allowing streamlined operation with direct load of samples from previous process steps without feed adjustment. When used in a polishing sequence, the selectivity of CMM HyperCel sorbent allows good resolution of monomeric mAb from aggregates and removal of host cell proteins. These unique properties can be of benefit for improved purification of engineered antibodies, antibody fragments, or various recombinant proteins with very close isoelectric points (pI) and/or degrees of hydrophobicity.

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