Efficient execution of biologics manufacturing – The role of Finite Scheduling systems as part of sound business process from planning to floor operations.

14th February 2018 | 10AM EST | Gloria Gadea-Lopez, Ph.D., John Maguire and Gerry Glennon |ATTEND FREE WEBINAR

The success of manufacturing relies on the availability of all the resources –personnel, materials, equipment, work instructions – , orchestrated in such a way that the operations proceed in an efficient and predictable manner.  This article describes the implementation of a finite scheduling system for biologics production, the foundational work required prior to project launch, lessons learned, and benefits achieved from this deployment.


Presented by 

Gloria Gadea-Lopez, Ph.D., Director of Business Operations Management at the Shire Lexington, MA manufacturing site.

John Maguire, Associate Director of Manufacturing Systems at Shire’s Lexington, MA site.

Gerry Glennon, Associate Director of Materials Management, S & OP at Shire’s Lexington, MA site.