Upcoming Webinars

New Technologies for Improving and Controlling Product Quality, Expression, Timelines and Yield in Upstream Process Development

Presented by Niki Wong, Principal Research Scientist at AbbVie Operations Singapore Pte Ltd
07th April 2020

Transformation of Toxicology data into Specific PDE’s

Presented by Kim Li, PhD, DABT, MPH Principal Scientist, EHSS Product Stewardship Toxicology at Amgen Inc and Dries Cardoen, Team Leader of Study Directors at Nelson Laboratories, LLC
23rd April 2020

New Drying Processes for Biopharmaceuticals

Presented by Sune Klint Andersen, Principal Scientist at Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
05th May 2020

Machine Learning in Bioprocess Development: Where We Are and Where We Could Go

Presented by Moritz von Stosch, PhD, Senior Manager, Technical R&D, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines and Klaus Mauch, CEO at Insilico Biotechnology AG
06th May 2020

Affinity Chromatography for Vaccines Purification

Presented by Mikkel Nissum, Vaccine R&D Quality Site Lead at GSK Vaccines
12th May 2020

Assessing the Risk of Interaction Between Extractables and Leachable and Therapeutic Proteins

Presented by Andrew Teasdale, Senior Principal Scientist Impurity management and External Advocacy at AstraZeneca & Piet Christieans, PhD, Scientific Director at Nelson Lab
14th May 2020

Continuous Manufacturing as a Default Platform for Oral Solid Drug Products

Presented by Lawrence De Belder, Senior Principal Engineer Continuous Manufacturing at Johnson and Johnson and Bob Lenich, Director of Life Sciences Business at Emerson
19th May 2020

Next Frontier in Subvisible Particle Analysis: New Tools and Opportunities

Presented by Danny Chou, President and Founder at Compassion BioSolution, LLC and Mark Bumiller, Technology Manager at Entegris, Inc
21st May 2020

Advanced Raman Spectroscopy Beyond In-Process Glucose Control of Commercial Cell Culture Processes

Presented by Dan Hill, Manufacturing Scientist at Biogen and Maryann Cuellar, Life Science Product Manager at Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.
03rd June 2020

Single-Use Bioprocess Platform for Veterinary Vaccine and Biopharmaceutical Pilot-Scale Production

Presented by Francis Verhoeye, Global Pilot Operations Leader at Zoetis Inc.
11th June 2020

Utility of Generating <665> Data: Drug Manufacture’s Perspective: Will USP permit such format?

Presented by Ken Wong, Deputy Director at Sanofi Pasteur and Desmond G. Hunt, Principal Liaison at United States Pharmacopeia and James Hathcock, PhD, Sr Director, Regulatory and Validation Strategy at Pall Biotech
23rd June 2020

Rapid Microbial Methods – Reap Benefits And Avoiding Pitfalls

Presented by Dr Andrew Bartko, Research Leader at Battelle Memorial Institute
13th July 2020

Fully Utilizing Closed Systems in Modern BioPharma Facilities

Presented by Lars Hovmand-Lyster, Senior Engineering Specialist in Novo Nordisk Global Project Office (GPO) Engineering Management Department and Ross W. Acucena, Applications Director, Entegris LifeScience
03rd September 2020

Quantification and Control of Amorphous contents by Raman, Application and Case Studies in Pharmaceutical Processing

Presented by Michelle Raikes, M.S., Scientist IV and Dr. Fredrik Nordstrom, Sr Research Fellow at Boehringer Ingelheim
04th September 2020

Global Sterile Transportation and Formulation of an Adjuvant

Presented by Charlotte Masy, Project Manager in global support GSK vaccinés and Donald Young, Sr. Product Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific
08th September 2020

Extractables and Leachables Testing Using a Quality Risk Management Approach

Presented by Dhaval Tapiawala, Principal Scientist at Pfizer
09th September 2020

From Concept to Market – Unique Approaches in Biomanufacturing

Presented by Jincai Li, Vice President of WuXi Biologics
11th September 2020

Analytical Strategies for Comparability in Bioprocess Development

Presented by Dr Christine P. Chan, Ph.D. Director in Global Manufacturing Science & Technology at Sanofi
15th September 2020

A Comprehensive Approach to Assess the Impact of Microbial Impurities on Patient Safety and Product Quality of Biologics

Presented by Dr Friedrich von Wintzingerode, QC Lead iNeST Project (individualized Neoantigen Specific Therapy) at Roche and Shabnam Solati, CEO & Co-Founder at CTL-MAT
16th September 2020

Current Bacterial Endotoxins Test (BET) and its Intended Use

Presented by Karen Zink McCullough, Owner, Principal Consultant at MMI Associates
24th September 2020

Strategies to Overcome Low Endotoxin Recovery Using the Conventional LAL Assay

Presented by Dr. Ruth Daniels, Senior Scientist - Microbiology Expert at Janssen and Kevin L. Williams, Microbiological Test Development at bioMérieux
28th September 2020

Digital Transformation Strategy Development in Biologics Manufacturing: One site’s journey

Presented by Robert Dimitri, Associate Director, Digital and Data Sciences Lead at Takeda
01st October 2020

MES – Integrating Technology, Quality and Compliance – Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies.

Presented by Sachin Bhandari, GM, Head IT CSV at Sun Pharma
06th October 2020

Crystallization Monitoring of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient By Raman Spectroscopy

Presented by John-David McElderry, Scientist at Biogen and Maryann Cuellar, Life Science Product Manager at Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.
07th October 2020

mAb Industry in China : Biosimilars vs Innovative Biologics

Presented by Dr. Joe X Zhou, CEO at Genor Biopharma, Walvax Bio Group and Sarah (Xuyu) Wang, Head of Segment Marketing, Biosimilars and Bioconjugations at Sartorius Stedim Biotech
09th October 2020

Hybrid Models: The Best of Both (Mechanistic & Empirical) Worlds to Accelerate and De-Risk Process Development

Presented by Christian Airiau, PhD, Global Head Data Sciences, Biologics Development at Sanofi and Chris McCready, Lead Data Scientist at Sartorius Stedim Biotech
12th October 2020

Mapping of PAT Tools for Enabling Integrated DSP in Continuous Biomanufacturing

Presented by Dejan Arzenšek, Principal Scientist at Novartis and Maryann Cuellar, Life Science Product Manager at Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.
15th October 2020

Viral Safety by Design for Cell and Gene Therapy Products

Presented by Mark Plavsic, Chief Technology Officer at Lysogene
16th October 2020

High-Resolution Optical and Dielectric Methods Monitoring Cells in Bioprocesses

Presented by Michael Butler, PhD, CSO, Cell Technology, National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT)
19th October 2020

Establishing Early Development Strategies For Therapeutics Proteins

Presented by Thorsten Lorenz, Head Early Drug Substance Development and Sorina Morar-Mitrica, Principal Fellow Sr Drug Product Lead Early Phase Biologics at Novartis and Renee Tobias, Director of Marketing, Halo Labs
21st October 2020

Next Generation Bioprocess Facility Design – A Case Study From Samsung Biologics

Presented by Anthony Newcombe, Senior Director, Samsung Biologics
26th October 2020

Challenges and Successes in Externalization of the ADC Supply Chain

Presented by Firelli Alonso, Ph.D., Senior Director, External Supply at Pfizer
28th October 2020

Moving the Implementation of Digital Technologies in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Forward

Presented by Thomas O’Connor, Scientist at FDA, Mark Demesmaeker, Head of Data Analytics at Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Chris McCready, Lead Data Scientist at Sartorius
30th October 2020

Analytical Challenges for Gene Therapy

Presented by Clare Blue, Director of Analytical Development at Biogen
03rd November 2020

Case Study: Biomanufacturing for Tomorrow

Presented by Marc Pompiati, Principal Scientist at Roche Diagnostics GmbH
05th November 2020

Innovation in Biomanufacturing Plants

Presented by Hang Zhou, Ph.D., Vice President, Head of Cell Culture Process Development Biologics and Bioprocess Dept. at WuXi Biologics
10th November 2020

Application of Internet of Things Framework to Laboratory Data

Presented by Shrikant Swaminathan, Senior Engineer at Alkermes
12th November 2020

Closed, Automated and Controlled Upstream Processing for iPSC- Derived Cell Therapies

Presented by Mustafa Munye, Lead Scientist at Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
19th November 2020

Raw Material Sourcing and Qualification

Presented by Scott R. Burger, MD, Principal of Advanced Cell & Gene Therapy, LLC
23rd November 2020

Process Development & Manufacturing Technologies for Bio-therapeutics and Vaccines

Presented by Atin Tomar, Co-Founder & CEO at Yapan Bio and Nirav Desai, Co-Founder at Yapan Bio
24th November 2020