Upcoming Webinars

Implementing a Quality by Design (QBD) Approach In Integrated DSP In-Line PAT Advanced Analytical Technologies to Monitor Critical Quality Attributes.

Presented by Dejan Arzenšek, Principal Scientist at Novartis and Maryann Cuellar, Life Science Product Manager at Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.
06th September 2021

Points To Consider: Demonstrating Comparability Between Recombinant and Lysate Reagent For BET Testing

Presented by Karen Zink McCullough, Owner, Principal Consultant at MMI Associates and Veronika Wills, Manager, Technical Services At Associates of Cape Cod, Inc
09th September 2021

Janssen’s Real Time release: Using MSPC to enhance batch release.

Presented by Sarah Nielsen, Director of Process Science at Janssen and Herman He, Senior Applications Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific
15th September 2021

Continuous Manufacturing of Biologics: A Journey from Concept to Reality

Presented by Himanshu Gadgil, CSO and Whole-Time Director at Enzene Biosciences Ltd. and Ganesh Kumar, MS, Market Entry Strategy Manager at Sartorius
15th September 2021

Development of automated chemometric platform for accelerated Raman-based model optimization in biologics

Presented by Oliver Steinhof, PAT Scientist at Biogen and Nicolas Langenegger, Senior Associate Scientist at Biogen
20th September 2021

Vaccine Development & its Manufacturing using Integrated High Throughput Technology

Presented by Dr. S.K. Jana, Director - R&D and Manufacturing, Human Vaccine Development, Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. and Vikas Revankar, Head of Product Management and Marketing - Digital Portfolio, BioContinuum™ Platform - Merck and Piergiuseppe Nestola, PhD Global Vaccine Technology Consultant at Sartorius
20th September 2021

The Business Benefits of PAT in Continuous Drug Product Manufacturing

Presented by Steve Hammond, Independent Consultant at Steve Hammond Consulting
22nd September 2021

Sanofi’s Journey & Strategy for Continuous Processing for Small Molecules

Presented by Flavien Susanne, Head of Chemical Development and Engineering at Sanofi
27th September 2021

Overcoming Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) Process Development & Manufacturing Challenges

Presented by Dr. Jincai Li, Vice President of WuXi Biologics
30th September 2021

Integrity Assurance for Single-Use Systems: End-User Perspective

Presented by Charlotte Masy, Senior Manager in Manufacturing Science and Technology GSK vaccines and Patrick Evrard, Senior Principal Engineer, Single-Use Technologies in Technical Communication and Regulatory Strategy, Pall Corporation
06th October 2021

Application of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Based Methods for Detection of Viral Contaminants in Biomanufacturing

Presented by Jurgen Mullberg Associate Director at Bristol Myers Squibb
21st October 2021

Advances in the Purification of Antisense Oligonucleotides

Presented by Robert Gronke, Ph.D., Senior Principal Scientist, Technical Development, Biogen
27th October 2021

Applications of industry 4.0 concepts in continuous pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing process

Presented by Dr Ravendra Singh, Research Faculty at C-SOPS, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
03rd November 2021

Using PAT to accelerate and optimize the process development of solid dosage forms.

Presented by Lizbeth Martinez, Ph. D. Associate Director Data Science, Oral Pharmaceutical Development at Novartis Basel Switzerland
04th November 2021

Near-infrared spectroscopy for monitoring Maillard reaction and critical process parameters of a C. tetani bioprocess

Presented by Marina Kirkitadze, Head of Process Support & PAT Platform, Analytical Sciences at Sanofi Pasteur and Gabriella Gerzon, PhD Candidate, York University, Toronto, Canada
16th November 2021

Just in Time Release of CAR T Cell Therapies During Covid-19

Presented by Irving Ford, Site QA Head multi-product CAR T facility at Bristol Myers Squibb and Lori Daane, Pharma Microbiology Scientific Director at bioMérieux
29th November 2021

Single Use Process for Production of AAV Gene Therapy Products

Presented by Lance Marquardt, Associate Director -Upstream Processing Gene Therapy, Hopewell Biologics Manufacturing at PTC Therapeutics 
26th January 2022

CCAB: A universal tool to address the risk of microbial impurities in parenteral drug manufacturing including ATMPs

Presented by Dr Friedrich von Wintzingerode, QC Lead iNeST (individual Neoepitope Specific Therapy), Roche and Eelo Gitz, Head product development at Sanquin Reagents
26th January 2022

In-line monitoring of surfactant clearance in viral vaccine downstream processing

Presented by Marina Kirkitadze, Head of Process Support & PAT Platform, Analytical Sciences at Sanofi Pasteur
15th February 2022