University College London in Strategic Alliance with Pall Biotech to Open Fit-for-Purpose Biotech Centre of Excellence for Research, Development and Training

Pall Corporation, a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, has progressed a strategic partnership with the University College London (UCL) Biochemical Engineering department with the creation of the UCL-Pall Biotech Centre of Excellence (CoE) for research and training.

The UCL-Pall Biotech CoE will be operational from September 2018 through 2024 with a management committee supported by UCL’s Strategic Alliance Director, Naveraj Gill. The investment in the UCL Biochemical Engineering’s industrial research collaboration program with Pall Biotech is valued at £2.7M ($3.5M) and is staffed by nine Engineering Doctorates (EngDs) and a fully funded Post-Doctoral Research Associate. The organizations will engage in multi-level interactions to enable knowledge transfer and address critical industry challenges.

“This alliance is another example of Pall Biotech’s commitment to continuously improve bioprocesses through strategic partnerships,” said Mario Philips, Vice President and General Manager, Pall Biotech. “There is value that comes from working closely with partners – it allows our team to take a holistic approach to research that addresses core interests and industry challenges.”

“For many years we have collaborated with the Pall Biotech team to overcome industry challenges at the supply level. The new CoE will work to enhance drug production and empower the future workforce,” Naveraj Gill said. “UCL colleagues Daniel Bracewell, Professor of Bioprocess Analysis and Mike Hoare, Professor of Biochemical Engineering will bring this vision to life internally. Rick Morris, Senior Vice President, Pall  Biotech R&D, Richard Gutman, Distinguished Fellow and John Welsh, Senior Manager Pall Biotech Process R&D will align with us externally.”

Ranked as a top-ten university worldwide, UCL is known for encouraging students, staff, and partners to find new ways to convert discovery into commercially viable solutions that have  an impact. The Biochemical Engineering department takes a unique multidisciplinary approach focused on translational research with strategic partners, such as major pharmaceutical manufacturers or suppliers like Pall Biotech, to gain real-life insight into the most pressing industry challenges. The new CoE is just one example of how UCL remains driven to deliver on business objectives and priorities globally.

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