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From biotech concept through to design, biotech validation and production across all biotech applications, we can help you adapt to changing market conditions with innovative technologies and solutions.

Whether that means quickly developing a process for a new drug, vaccine production, helping you ensure regulatory compliance, or making existing processes easier, faster and better, we are ready to work with you to address your biotech needs.

Pall biotech products have played key development and manufacturing roles in life saving drugs that range from Ebola vaccines to cancer-curing monoclonal antibodies. Cutting-edge research demands high quality products that combine industry-leading effectiveness with high performance to increase profitability without sacrificing safety.

Our portfolio of biotech products fit into integrated systems that reduce total cost of ownership by improving process economics. Reducing total cost of ownership is possible when customers partner with a supplier who is in tune with their unique challenges, whether for clinical or full manufacturing scale. Pall provides complete biotech coverage from cell culture to formulation and filling. Our biotech portfolio helps create life improving drugs faster and with lower upfront costs.

Just like the biotech industry, Pall continues to innovate. For example, our continuous processing technologies enable truly continuous production steps. Award-winning critical downstream processing (DSP) products like the Cadence Inline Concentrator (ILC) enables continuous concentration of the product, reducing shear damage and processing time and improving quality.

We will continue to evolve as the biotech market changes. The rise of single-use facilities, process intensification, integrated unit operations, and continuous processing is improving facility efficiency and flexibility while simultaneously reducing footprint and processing times. Pall has the only bioprocessing portfolio on the market that can support biotech manufacturers from upstream to downstream and into the final filling and finish phases. This single use, multiple solutions, outlook is an end-to-end solution for biotech manufacturers seeking fully validated solutions and guaranteed scalable supply chain security.

No matter where your team is, Pall is there to support them. Pall Scientific and Laboratory Services have more than 30 years of experience with validation in the biotech industry. Global ISO9001 certified Centers of Excellence (CoE) are available to streamline scientific development and scale up.

Key Personel

Jennifer Honeycutt – Pall President & Danaher Group Executive  
Joseph Repp  President, Pall Life Sciences 
Naresh Narasimhan  President, Pall Industrial
Jeffrey Figg – Vice President & CFO General and Admin
Eilidh Bedford – Chief Technology Officer
Cathleen Colvin  Senior Vice President, General Counsel 
Scott Strain – Vice President, Global Service & Customer Service 
Wayne Hewitt – Senior Vice President, Global Operations 
John Sweeney – Vice President & General ManagerMedical, Laboratory and Food & Beverage 
Zock Zamaniyan – Senior Vice President, Global Marketing 
Ed Hoare – Vice President and General Manager, Pall Biotech


Pall has certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Standard manufacturing facilities worldwide. Our global manufacturing operations employ Lean Manufacturing and Six-Sigma principles, and internationally recognized quality systems, to produce products of exceptional quality and value. Pall’s OEM device manufacturing facilities utilize the most advanced sealing technologies, vision systems and robotics platforms to ensure optimum operational flexibility, fast response times and lot-to-lot consistency.

Pall’s consignment inventory and Kanban programs together with our global manufacturing and service networks are value-added resources that can significantly reduce your total cost of ownership.


Our biopharmaceutical products are supported by extensive protocols and technical reports, an industry-leading scientific and technical staff, and worldwide offices and distributors for easy ordering.

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Pall Biotech products for the biopharmaceutical industry include:

• Cell Culture: complete solutions for robust and efficient upstream processes
• Chromatography: the right tools in hand to maximize success of therapeutic protein and gene therapy production
• Continuous Processing: increasing productivity through process evolution 
• Cell Harvest: accelerated process development through the identification of optimal platform solutions 
• Filling Technologies: increased reliability and flexibility. 
• Biotech Filtration Solutions: efficient and reliable upstream and downstream liquid and air filtration solutions for pilot to production scale bioprocessing 
• Gene Therapy & Oncolytic Viruses: industrialized solutions for the production of viral vectors 
• Integrated Solutions: streamlining and simplifying operations, helping speed you to market 
• Monoclonal Antibodies (MAbs) And Recombinant Proteins: flexible, scalable solutions to support process development and clinical production. 
• Accelerator℠ Process Development Services: Your Biotech journey. Your choice… optimized through Pall’s Process Development Services. Once your new process is up and running, we will continue to support you with ongoing training as required, regular servicing of equipment, and assurance of supply for all your process consumables. 
• Single-Use Solutions: Single Use. Multiple Solutions. 
• Tangential Flow Filtration: streamlined by Design. 
• Vaccine Production: Securing process quality with flexible manufacturing solutions for all vaccine platforms 
• Viral Safety And Control: Pall Biotech and viral safety

Services and Capabilities

Pall Corporation’s industry-leading position was built upon both innovative technology and the expertise and guidance offered by our Scientific and Laboratory Services (SLS) team.

Pall’s SLS team provides customers who have limited time, resources, or equipment with the solutions they need to solve complex filtration, separation, and purification challenges. 

From the smallest laboratory to the largest production plant, Pall’s skilled SLS scientists and engineers provide customized insight and solutions to optimize customer processes, reduce costs, improve health, safety, and the environment – and we have been doing this successfully for close to 70 years.

Pall’s SLS Team
• Consists of scientists and engineers who are internationally recognized as experts in their respective fields, with years of experience investigating and solving complex fluid clarification problems.
• Partners with customers to select the best filtration, separation, or purification solutions for specific application needs, on-site or by simulation in one of Pall’s laboratories offered at locations around the globe.
• Is armed with intimate first-hand knowledge of customer processes to optimize performance. The team anticipates where problems may occur and makes recommendations to ensure customers avoid them.

Contact Details

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